Searching for Shop to Earn Scam


There are still plenty of people searching for “Shop to Earn scam,” ShopToEarn fraud, “is Shop to Earn legitimate,” Shop To Earth scam, and the like. The company has, for the most part, avoided negative commentary on the internet.

It seems important, therefore, to go over some of the finer points of this newer multi-level marketing (MLM) company that is being promoted as the next big thing. Let’s review… Continue reading

Debunking Sarah Palin rumors and lies


Someone has put together a list of the lies and rumors being promoted by the left about soon-to-be Vice President Sarah Palin. It’s quite remarkable when you read the whole list… All these rumors in one place really show how horrible and hateful the left has been in smearing her and her family to no end. Take a look, check out the support for debunking these claims, and decide for yourself.

I urge you to go read the whole list yourself, but here are some of the most important:

  • Yes, as Governor of Alaska, she’s the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard. And yes, her professional military subordinate is quite impressed with her in that role.
  • And yes, the New York Times says the job of Governor of Alaska is one of the harder, and more powerful, jobs in state government.
  • No, the Downs baby (Trig) isn’t Bristol’s kid, and no, the kid wasn’t born with Downs because (a) Palin flew on an airplane (b) went home to have the baby after an amniotic leak (c) because he was the result of incest between Todd Palin and Bristol.
  • No she wasn’t a member of the (wild-eyed libertarian) Alaska independence Party, although her husband once was
  • No, neither the (Canadian) National Post, nor Marc Armbinder at the Atlantic have troubled themselves to issue a correction. Yes, the New York Times did finally correct their story of September 1 — on September 5. And on page 14. This was after Elizabeth Bumiller was quoted by Howard Kurtz as saying she was “completely confident about the story.” Yes, that was after the New York Times’s source retracted the story. Yes, this should embarrass the Times, Bumiller, and Howard Kurtz. No, there have been no signs of embarrassment.
  • No, she’s not anti-semitic. In fact, she has an Israeli flag in her office. (Contrary to popular belief, the usual Evangelical thinks Israel has a right to exist, granted by God.)
  • No, she’s doesn’t believe that the Iraq War was directed by God. Yes, she did pray that proceeding with the war was God’s will: “they should pray ‘that our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God, that’s what we have to make sure we are praying for, that there is a plan, and that plan is God’s plan.’” (Ever hear the phrase “Not my will, but Thine, be done”?) Yes, this apparently freaks some people right out.
  • Yes, she was apparently pregnant when she got married
  • yes, her 17 year old daughter is pregnant; no, the baby’s father is not an eighth grader; no, having sex at 16 is not statutory rape in Alaska. And no, there’s no way that a 17 year old can be 5 months pregnant as a result of having sex before she was 16. Learn to count for God’s sakes.
  • yes, she did fire the public safety guy — but he said in the Anchorage paper that, for the record, she never, and no one else in her administration ever, tried to make him fire her ex-brother-in-law
  • and yes, the state trooper (her sister’s ex-husband) she was worried about did: tase her 10 year old nephew; drive his state patrol car while drinking or drunk; did threaten to “bring her down”; and did threaten to murder her father and sister if they dared to get an attorney to help with the divorce.
  • yes, the state trooper was suspended when he was put under a court protective order
  • no, the trooper wasn’t fired
  • yes, she did fire the Wasilla Chief of Police as Mayor; yes, it was because he was lying to the City Council.
  • Yes, she did try to cut her own salary as Mayor by $4000 a year; yes, she had voted against the $4000 a year raise while on the City Council.
  • No, she didn’t cut funding for unwed mothers; yes, she did increase it by “only” 354 percent instead of 454 percent, as part of a multi-year capital expenditures program. No, the Washington Post doesn’t appear to have corrected their story. Even after this was pointed out in the comments on the story.
  • No, she didn’t cut special needs student funding; yes, she did raise it by “only” 175 percent.
  • yes, she did try, clearly unsuccessfully, to get Bristol married off to her fiancee before the story came out
  • yes, she did ask the librarian if some books could be withdrawn because of being offensive; no, they couldn’t; yes, it was “rhetorical”, at least as was reported contemporaneously in 1996 ((and thanks to Cecil [email protected] Jusr One Minute for this)) ; yes she did threaten to fire the librarian a month later; no, that wasn’t over the books thing but instead over administrative issues; no, the librarian wasn’t fired either; yes, the librarian was a big supporter of one of her political opponents; yes, the librarian was also the girlfriend of the Chief of police mentioned above; no, this is not the first time in the history of civilization that someone has been threatened with being fired over a political dispute
  • no, it wasn’t won’t be [bad tense, hasn’t happened yet] a shotgun wedding; Bristol and Levi been engaged for a good while according to Levi’s mother. It was either an accident or just an unconventional order.
  • yes, she’s an was an Assembly of God Holy Roller. No, she doesn’t attend an AoG church now. Yes, she did leave the AoG because they were getting too weird for her.
  • No, she’s not anti-Mormon. No, not all AoG churches are anti-Mormon. (AoG is even more hard-core about allowing each pastor and congregation to make their own decisions than the Baptists are.) (Thanks to AnonAmom in the comments.)
  • yes, she apparently believes in some variant of Intelligent Design
  • no, she didn’t try to force the schools to teach it; she said if someone brought it up, it was an appropriate subject for debate.
  • No, she doesn’t believe in “abstinence only” education. Yes, she thinks abstinence is an effective way of preventing pregnancy. Duh. Yes, she believes kids should learn about condom use in schools.
  • yes, she has on occasion, as Mayor, tried to get money from the federal government.
  • yes, she did finally turn down the money for the bridge. Yes, that meant changing her mind about it.
  • yes, she was vetted extensively, not just in three days — I’ve got links to press reports about people coming to Wassila on 29 May, and we had her on our Veepstakes at PJM from the first day we ran it.
  • yes, she want to a bunch of colleges before getting a degree. No, that’s not illegal. Yes, she seems to have made something of herself anyway.
  • no, they didn’t talk to a lot of the R’s power structure during the vetting; that probably has to do with the fact that she beat them in elections and sent a bunch of them to jail.
  • Yes, contrary to press reports, Sarah Palin’s mother-in-law plans to vote for her and the R ticket (on Inside Edition this evening.)

What do you think? (No the comments section below is not for more rumor-mongering, nor is it for linking to more lies or smear sites.) If you hae a legitimate comment or observation, feel free to leave it below. (Sockpuppets not invited.)

Check out the pork in the bailout bill


Oh, I know we’re not supposed to call it “pork.” It’s now “sweeteners.” And it’s not a “bailout.” It’s now a “recovery” bill. I get it. It’s all about marketing, and to properly market it to Americans (i.e. Get them to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”) we have to use better words..

Well check out the pork anyway. Here’s the obnoxiously long full text of the bill. Pages 261 to 263 give a nice list of the pork…. Some of the tax provisions make sense and should be passed separately from this bill. Most of the pork is just ridiculous. Check it out and I’ll add some commentary later: Continue reading

Milwaukee school board member Charlene Hardin screwing taxpayers again


As if it wasn’t bad enough to go on a trip to Philadelphia paid for by taxpayers, but not attend the conference and instead make it a vacation…. Milwaukee Public Schools board member Charlene Hardin is now caught wasting more taxpayer money.

Daniel Bice at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that over the last 1.5 years, Hardin has gone on seven out-of-state trips paid for by the taxpayers, and costing them $8,500. What did those charges include?

  • $400 to rent a Chrysler 300 Touring for two days… which was driven 85 miles total, for a cost of $4.70 per mile
  • A stay at a hotel with a $400+ rate per night
  • A $300 charge for smoking in her room in the completely non-smoking Marriot in Washington D.C. (These penalties are common and guests are told about this before they light up.)

The story keeps getting better and better, though. Janie Hatton, a former MPS principal and now contract consultant for the district went with Hardin on several of the trips. The documentation in support of many of Hardin’s expenses is scant.  One example: $125 she says she spent on parking, school visits, and a community lunch… but she had no receipts for any of them and couldn’t even remember the name of the restaurant.

And other board members don’t go on nearly as many out-of-state trips. They each average about one a year.

Reminder: This is the type of person we have deciding how to run the district and how to spend taxpayer money. Pathetic.

The $700 billion bailout should fail on its own merits


..not be passed through because of other legislation that the taxpayers deserve to have regardless of whether it’s attached to to bailout.

This $700 billion (probably more like $1 trillion or $2 trillion) bailout that was passed by the Senate last night is really no better than what the House voted against just a couple of days ago. But lawmakers are sure they’ve sweetened the deal enough to get the House to vote in favor of it. Continue reading

Criminal Charges Against Amway in India


Guest post by Pyramid Scheme Alert

In a letter to a Director of  Pyramid Scheme Alert, the chief of police in one of India’s largest states, Andhra Pradesh, wrote that a criminal case has been booked by the government’s Criminal Investigation Division against Amway India for promoting a “Money Circulation Scheme” in the disguise of Direct Selling. He stated, “Now the case has been charge sheeted and it is proved that Amway is nothing but Money Circulation Scheme. Andhra Pradesh Government now has issued a G.O. against Amway under sections 8 of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.” Continue reading