Paul Ryan Lies in His RNC Speech

On Wednesday night, Paul Ryan gave his Republican National Committee acceptance speech. And it wasn’t long before the “news” media came forth with the big lies he told. Five huge lies that make Paul Ryan a dishonest scumbag.

Except they weren’t lies. Instead, what we have is dishonest spin from the media being parroted over and over again. Apparently the hope is that if Paul Ryan is called a liar often enough, people will believe it, regardless of the truth.

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Social Media and Other Information Sources for Litigation

Who would have thought that a simple internet search could help you win a case in front of a jury? Just 10 years ago that may have sounded far-fetched to many. But those immersed in the world of data mining knew it was possible, even then.

The work of a financial investigator and expert witness is focused on financial documents and numeric evidence. Much of the information in fraud cases or contract litigation is found in private records, such as income tax returns, accounting records, bank statements, and financial statements.

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Melissa Dumas Sues Reporter Who Said She Was Convicted of Prostitution

It’s true. Anyone can sue anyone for anything at any time. Even if they are on the wrong side of the truth. And in this case, Melissa Dumas has suffered “emotional distress” because a television reporter accurately said that she was convicted of prostitution.

The Facts: In 2005, Melissa Kiane Dumas was arrested and charged with Prostitution-Sexual Gratification, a violation of state statute 944.30(2). Dumas pleaded guilty on September 28, 2005, admitting she committed the crime. It was a misdemeanor, and she was ordered to pay a fine of $125 plus court costs and go on her merry way.

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On Buying a House During Bankruptcy

The new MckMama McKinney house

Recently, watchers of the MckMama train wreck were treated to the news that blogger Jennifer McKinney has bought a home. This lovely home in West Salem, Wisconsin, was most recently on the market at $289,900.

Jennifer “MckMama” McKinney bought the home under a contract for deed arrangement, also called a land contract. She paid $282,500 with $20,000 up front and the balance to be paid monthly with annual interest at 6.95%. The contract matures on April 15, 2013, which means she must pay in full at that time or lose her downpayment and lose the house.

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Herbalife: Important or Not Important?

Questions posed to Herbalife earlier this year by David Einhorn sent the stock price down quickly. Einhorn simply wanted to know about customers… actual consumers of the Herbalife products.

One has to assume Einhorn has done lots of research on multi-level marketing. And he knows the real deal. Herbalife’s customers are the distributors. Corporate doesn’t care much if the products get to a real customer after that. They’ve already made their sale and collected their money.

Multi-level marketing has very little to do with selling the product, and relies almost exclusively on continual recruitment of new distributors. But the product is important to make the MLMs not look like pure pyramid schemes.

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