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MLM Top Earners Make Money Off the Backs of Others

Do you think it’s only the “bad” people who do bad things in multi-level marketing? Those who frontload new recruits, dial for dollars at the end of the month (i.e. get people to order products they don’t need), talk only about their highest commission check, lie about how profitable the …

Avoiding Business Opportunity Frauds and MLM Scams

In a past appearance on CNBC’s On the Money, Tracy Coenen talked about how consumers could protect themselves from business opportunity scams and multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes. MLMs parade themselves around as business opportunities, but they are nothing more than elaborate pyramid schemes that swindle millions of consumers each year.

Avoiding Tax Scams

Despite all the warnings about tax scams, consumers are still falling victim to these types of fraud. Tracy Coenen talks on CNBC about the top five tax scams that consumers should be aware of. This episode is from 2008, but consumers are STILL falling victim to the same scams!!!

Almost Everyone Loses Money in MLM

Don’t let your Facebook friends fool you: They’re not making money in the multi-level marketing company they keep pitching to you. And you won’t either. Multi-level marketing is not a business. More than 99% of participants in multi-level marketing (MLM) lose money. Companies like Mary Kay Cosmetics promote the “income …

Teen Mom Lawsuit: Anti-SLAPP Motions and Legal Fees

Last week, my friend and colleague Marc Randazza scored a big win for Briana DeJesus in the lawsuit filed against her by Kailyn Lowry. The case against Briana was dismissed after successfully arguing an anti-SLAPP motion. I have my own experience with anti-SLAPP motions, after having been sued for $270 …