Richard Davis and Trademark Properties win Flip This House lawsuit against A&E


The 2006 lawsuit against A&E by Richard Davis and Trademark Properties of the “Flip This House” reality show has concluded with a jury verdict. After five hours of deliberation, the jury awarded Davis $4 million.

David alleged that he and A&E had a verbal agreement to split all revenue from Flip This House 50/50. After the conclusion of one season, A&E denied that they had a verbal agreement. Davis and his crew refused to film any further shows. A&E found crappy replacements, and Davis took the show to TLC, calling it “The Real Estate Pros.”

Of course, A&E is saying they’ll appeal.

Flip This House lawsuit update


This information is old (from early June), but since I have so many people reaching my site with searches related to Flip This House, I thought I’d print it anyway.

I wrote previously about the lawsuit between A&E and Richard Davis of Trademark Properties here and here. Most of my information was derived from a website called Flip This Lawsuit. The owner of that site summarized a June 6 hearing on summary judgment motions made by A&E. Essentially, A&E said that no written contract existed between them and Davis/Trademark, and that the verbal contract wasn’t what Davis claims it is.

Important issues decided during this hearing, per Flip This Lawsuit: Continue reading