Increased Government Spending Won’t Fix the Economy


Using government money (our money!) to “create jobs” sounds great, doesn’t it? When you hear about massive layoffs, a proposal that create jobs sounds appealing. But this really isn’t the way to stimulate our economy. The government will spend far too much money creating far too few jobs, when the real way to get ourselves out of this financial mess is to create incentives for long-term growth. (Read: Lower taxes and create a situation in which businesses and consumers can thrive.)

Downsize DC offers the following educational information on the right way to stimulate (fix) the economy: Continue reading

Bailout Head Neel Kashkari Wants Transparency (Except When He Doesn’t)


It’s been widely reported that Neel Kashkari, Goldman Sachs alum and head of the $700 billion bailout, has said he wants transparency in administering the whole process. He is quoted as saying:

“Consistent with Congress’ intent, we are committed to transparency and oversight in all aspects of the program and have already taken several important steps in this area…”

Yet I have to wonder how transparent he really wants things to be when large contracts related to oversight and administration are being released to the public with redacted information. How is that transparent, if we can’t even see who is involved with overseeing the bailout and what they’re being paid? Continue reading