Bethany College Teaching Students How to Scam Others


I thought it was a hoax. Surely this couldn’t be true? An actual college, offering a curriculum in “network marketing”????

You know – – network marketing – – as in multi-level marketing, as in legalized pyramid schemes. Yes, folks, it’s true. Bethany College in Kansas is going to be offering a curriculum in professional scamming!

But if a college is going to be teaching this network marketing, multi-level marketing stuff to students, then it has to be legit, right? Wrong.

I have no idea what would possess any educator to think that they ought to spend valuable classroom time teaching this type of legalized scam to students as if it was a legitimate business pursuit. I can only assume that the powers that be, namely one Robert Carlson, M.B.A., professor and chair of business, has done no research on MLM and has no idea how these scams operate. He says about the new network marketing stuff: Continue reading