Another reason for Gerald Nehra to dislike the FTC Business Opportunity Rule: Lots of companies will have to comply!


Another letter opposing the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule was submitted by MLM attorney Gerry Nehra. His problem in this letter? The fact that there are many companies that would have to comply with the rule and the FTC cited the wrong number! Why would it matter if there are 150 or 1,500 companies that are multi-level marketing schemes? If they need to be regulated, they need to be regulated, no matter how many there are! Continue reading

MLM attorney Gerald Nehra and the FTC’s proposed Business Opportunity Rule


I thought it might be some fun to do a little research on Gerald Nehra, the attorney for Shop To Earn, who likes to intimidate bloggers who write negative reviews of MLMs. I found this item from Nehra, in response to the FTC’s proposed Business Opportunity Rule.

The rule is unlikely to be enacted in any form that will do something to stop the abuses by multi-level marketing companies. Nonetheless, these comments are fun to read. Nehra’s biggest complaint in this note? The fact that it will take time to comply with the rules! Heavens, no! Continue reading