United First Financial Agent Compensation Plan


In researching United First Financial and the Money Merge Account, there weren’t many sources of information on the compensation structure for agents. What I do know is this: The official corporate website does not mention “the opportunity” or “business opportunity,” as most other multi-level marketing companies do. I came to the conclusion that the company doesn’t want to be labeled as a MLM or potential pyramid scheme.

The logic is obvious: Consumers are becoming more educated about the pitfalls of MLM. They realize that because the company has to pay so many levels in the food chain of an MLM, the actual seller of a product receives relatively low compensation. If the company wasn’t worried about building and paying the pyramid, there would be far more money to reward and compensate the actual seller of the product. Continue reading

Press Release on Herbalife Investigation


The Fraud Discovery Institute (FDI) has just released a report corroborated by video and audio evidence indicating that Herbalife LTD (NYSE:HLF), a multi level marketing company based in Los Angeles, California, has been operating an underground multi level marketing business in China where they are only licensed to “direct sell” products. The investigation also demonstrates that the problem of recruitment in China extends to Herbalife distributor down lines in countries outside of China which taints company earnings.

“China, after much research, concluded in November of 2005 that multi level marketing would be banned in the country,” said Barry Minkow, founder of the Fraud Discovery Institute. “However, as one Herbalife employee in China stated during a taped, in-person meeting, ‘No company will make money if they perform business in accordance with the Chinese laws.’ No truer statement has ever been uttered,” said FDI’s Barry Minkow. Continue reading