Usana’s attorney D.J. Poyfair and the Quixtar lawsuit


I find this interesting… D.J. Poyfair is the attorney representing Usana Health Sciences to the death against Barry Minkow. He is also the attorney who is representing a group of 15 “independent business owners” against Amway (Quixtar).

It appears as though Poyfair thinks Amway is an evil pyramid scheme, while Usana is …. oh, I don’t know… better? Less bad???

There was recently a hearing in California in the Quixtar IBO case, and there are a couple of interesting portions. Here’s one (bold added by me): Continue reading

Interesting Quote From One of Usana’s Lawyers


In response to the investigative report about Usana Health Sciences issued by Barry Minkow and Fraud Discovery Institute, Dave Andereton of the Deseret Morning News reports the following:

“Minkow is simply looking to line his pockets based upon a hodgepodge of misinformation, half-truths and outright lies,” said D.J. Poyfair, an attorney for Usana. “Usana is regularly identified as the gold standard in network marketing by state and federal regulators.” (emphasis mine)

Dare I ask D.J. Poyfair to back that statement up with proof? Exactly which state and federal regulators have said such things, and exactly when were they said, and to whom were they said?