Dooce Will Sleep With Your Husband


From time-to-time, I used to talk about mommy bloggers here. Primarily the fraud that is Jennifer McKinney (MckMama), but occasionally I would mention others. One such person was Dooce (Heather B. Armstrong), the “original” mommy blogger.

Dooce made a mint off her blog when it was in its prime, which led to her buying a 9 bedroom, 9 bath house in Salt Lake City. But following her divorce, her income sources dried up and she was forced to sell for $1.247 million. (That led to blog posts about living in a small house, waaaaahhhhh!) By all appearances, Heather had all sorts of opportunities for sponsorships, television shows, speaking engagements, and other lucrative gigs… but her bad attitude, inconsistency, and failure to follow through led to those revenue sources evaporating. Continue reading

Dooce Will Sue You


Ever since Get Off My Internets (GOMI) scooped Heather Armstrong (the blogger known as Dooce) on her trial separation / divorce news, (announcing it January 4th, Dooce announced it on January 17th,) Heather has been looking for a chance for payback. She delivered big with the threat of a lawsuit.

On April 26, 2012, GOMI posted an article regarding a tip received about Armstrong. The article stated that the author received a tip that Dooce was not on the announced “blog break,” but instead was in Los Angeles filming a video for YouTube.

The article noted that the information came from a “source,” and that if it was true, the author thought Heather was being manipulative when she said she was taking a break on April 17. In fairness, Dooce never defined what a “break” meant to her, so we don’t know if taking a break from blogging but still participating in work activities qualifies as a break.  Nonetheless, GOMI gave their opinion that the (alleged) acts seemed manipulative: Continue reading

Do You Worship at the Altar of Dooce?


While cruising around the internet the other day, I came upon a story I had been completely oblivious to…. And it raises some interesting issues about personal boundaries on blogs, worship of bloggers in general, and worship of one blogger in particular.

The dust-up apparently started on July 15, when a well-known Mommy Blogger who calls herself The Bloggess posted an article about another even more well-known Mommy Blogger (who strictly denies being a Mommy Blogger even though most of her writings are about sex, alcohol, or her family) who calls herself Dooce. Continue reading