The Justice Department’s Slippery Slope: Enforcement Versus Regulation


Guest post by Michael Volkov, Esq.

The Department of Justice is proud of its record on FCPA enforcement. They take credit whenever and wherever they can. They trumpet every settlement. They proudly proclaim that over half of last year’s criminal fines were collected for FCPA violations. They are entitled to claim success.

It is hard to argue against prosecutions of private companies and individuals who engage in foreign bribery. Such conduct skews competition in the global marketplace, undermines the integrity of foreign governments and threatens to destabilize governments. These harms are more than evident – they are inescapable and persuasive. Our national interest supports reducing foreign bribery to protect the integrity of the global economy and foreign governments. Continue reading

Books and Records Control Person and FCPA Enforcement


I’ve recently been looking more closely at the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) as I consider the types of services companies will need from independent forensic accountants. This is an area in which government enforcement is skyrocketing, and so there are lots of opportunities for me to work with companies that need investigations or ongoing compliance work.

There are significant problems with FCPA enforcement, and Mike Koehler does an excellent job of discussing the issues in his paper, The Facade of FCPA Enforcement. He makes the case that the enforcement activities are not transparent and not tested legally. He says: Continue reading