Dooce Will Sue You


Ever since Get Off My Internets (GOMI) scooped Heather Armstrong (the blogger known as Dooce) on her trial separation / divorce news, (announcing it January 4th, Dooce announced it on January 17th,) Heather has been looking for a chance for payback. She delivered big with the threat of a lawsuit.

On April 26, 2012, GOMI posted an article regarding a tip received about Armstrong. The article stated that the author received a tip that Dooce was not on the announced “blog break,” but instead was in Los Angeles filming a video for YouTube.

The article noted that the information came from a “source,” and that if it was true, the author thought Heather was being manipulative when she said she was taking a break on April 17. In fairness, Dooce never defined what a “break” meant to her, so we don’t know if taking a break from blogging but still participating in work activities qualifies as a break.  Nonetheless, GOMI gave their opinion that the (alleged) acts seemed manipulative: Continue reading