Working with the Google Ad Review Center


I just got the “Ad Review Center” option on my Google AdSense account, and I decided to give it a whirl. I have Google ads on two sites: this one, and Pink Truth (my public awareness campaign against Mary Kay Cosmetics and similarly abusive multi-level marketing companies and pyramid schemes).

I didn’t take my participation in the Ad Review process lightly. Because my sites often mention MLMs and other business opportunity scams, a lot of the Google ads that show up are offering those very scams! In the past, I tried to use the competitive ad filter to block these ads. And that ended up worse than ever. As fast as I could block certain web addresses, the exact same advertisers were using other web addresses which just forwarded to the original ones I had blocked.

The Ad Review Center seems to be a better option. You can block an entire advertiser’s campaign… period. Continue reading