Our Government Defrauds Us: Cash For Clunkers


clunkersPeople who support our government engaging in “stimulus” activities are fools. While it sounds good to “stimulate” the economy and there are supposedly jobs created and saved with stimulus dollars, the truth is that these government programs are at best very wasteful, and at the worst downright fraudulent.

Look at the stimulus numbers in general. In Wisconsin, for example, federal stimulus money was reported to have “saved” 8,284 jobs. That sounds impressive, until you find out that 75% of those jobs were government jobs. (And no, I don’t belive the government report that the jobs saved were “essential.” That’s a smokescreen, plain and simple. There are plenty of tax dollars to fund “essential” services, and the reason governments are “broke” is because they’re using tons of tax money to fund non-essential things that they should not be doing!) Continue reading

Paralegal Accused of Fraud on U.S. Bankruptcy Court


Gina Wooten, a paralegal in Georgia has been indicted on federal charges of bank fraud and theft of government funds. She is accused of forging signatures on federal bankruptcy checks, as well as stealing offical checks from the bankruptcy trustee.

Wooten worked for attorney Edward Smith when she allegedly committed the fraud, from July 2004 through August 2006. It is alleged that she forged signatures on checks from the federal bankruptcy trustee, and then deposited them into a bank account she shared with her son.

The theft totals more than $110,000, and if convicted, Wooten could face up to 30 years in federal prison just on the bank fraud charges.