Haverhill Home Staging Posting on Blogs?


This afternoon I  found 9 comments waiting to be posted on my blog, all for the post Buying a job with Haverhill Home Staging? Questionable.

All 9 comments were done this morning over a period of about three hours, and all were from the same IP address. All praised Haverhill, and suggested that only those willing to work hard would succeed in the Haverhill course. Continue reading

Buying a Job With Haverhill Home Staging? Questionable.


index_10Do-it-yourself home renovation projects are still all the rage, years after shows like TLC’s Trading Spaces became popular. No doubt the economy has also influenced people to try to increase the value of their real estate for little or no cost. People are decorating and selling their homes themselves. And they’re having fun doing it.

And there’s always an opportunist waiting in the wings to make a buck on the latest craze. In steps Haverhill Home Staging. Buy our correspondence course. Pass the test. And we’ll guarantee you a job paying $24 to $31. Does it sound too good to be true? It just might be. Continue reading