Companies That Sue Critics Have Something to Hide


I am a firm believer that companies that sue critics (whether the critics are journalists, customers, forensic accountants, or otherwise) have something to hide.

This was the case with Medifast Inc., a multi-level marketing company that sued me (and others) for $270 million nearly five years ago. (They suffered a resounding loss against me, lost again on appeal, and now must pay my substantial attorneys fees… which of course they are claiming are inflated…. disregarding the fact that huge fees are a result of the need to defend against their shady litigation tactics.) Medifast didn’t like the fact that I expressed my opinion of its business model and business practices.

Other companies have tried such tactics: Continue reading

InterOil’s Senior Manager for Media Relations Sends Email Threats to Fraud Discovery Institute Co-founder


Press release issued by Fraud Discovery Institute.

FDI demonstrates that InterOil (NYSE:IOC) selectively excludes certain issued press releases from regulatory filing

Susuve Laumaea, Senior Manager for Media Relations at InterOil (NYSE:IOC) in Papua New Guinea has issued at least two press releases on behalf of InterOil Corporation dealing with material exploration operations in PNG, but neither of these official company press releases were filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor do they appear on the company website. In addition, at least one other item appearing to be a press release regarding InterOil and authored by Laumaea has been published on a Papua New Guinea blogger’s website. Continue reading