Len Clements: Usana Distributor With “Seasoned” Associate Number


Len Clements UsanaWell, well, well. Leonard Clements, defender of Usana to his death, former “executive” of multi-level marketing company Zenza, failed business owner… is now a Usana distributor.

But he’s not just any distributor. No, any distributor number would not do for Len Clements. He’s got the number 47278, which is an old, old number. (We’re talking 15 years old.) Why would someone want an old number? Because it comes with an established downline.

This distributor number formerly belonged to Christine Cunningham, who was a Silver Director.

How do you new distributors feel about the ability of Len Clements to get his hands on an established downline? Continue reading

Pressing Questions for MLM Supporter Len Clements


Len Clements MLM SupporterToday I got an email from Len Clements, the multi-level marketing evangelist and career college graduate who has been a vocal supporter of Usana Health Sciences (NASDAQ:USNA).

Len Clements published five disjointed “rebuttals” to the various reports, videos, and press releases put out by Barry Minkow and Fraud Discovery Institute about Usana. These rebuttals appeared to be a great source of pride to Len Clements, but were almost completely ignored by the media. Even better, the Len Clements writings were totally ignored by Usana, the entity he was so fervently defending. Continue reading

Ladd McNamara Must Have Seen an Attorney


Ladd McNamara MD Usana FraudFinally, Ladd McNamara is living in reality. For quite some time, this Usana supporter, high level distributor, and former member of the Usana Medical Advisory Board has been illegally referring to himself as a doctor and an M.D.

Illegally? Well that’s according to the California rules, and McNamara lives in California. He has no medical license in California (or anywhere else, for that matter, since Ohio and Georgia don’t let him practice medicine either) and according to an article in the National Business Review he’s not allowed to say he’s a doctor: Continue reading

An Interesting Commentary on Usana Health Sciences


A poster on the Yahoo message board for Usana Health Sciences provided this interesting analysis early this morning. I am putting in bold the most interesting parts….

Here is why I hope the “insider” is right that others are beginning to come forward: the company has been left with almost no assets after years of operations.

In many corporations, the stock of a company represents the value of the buildings, some patents, investments, etc. In Usana’s case, a lot of cash has come in the door. I’ll give them that. They know how to do this thing right, as Len would have the AG saying. Continue reading

Usana Defender Len Clements


Len Clements MLM ExpertOne vocal supporter of Usana has been Len Clements, an owner of a multi-level marketing company. Len Clements has called himself a “watchdog” of MLM, but it seems he’s most interested in keeping the MLM business model alive (for obvious reasons) no matter the effects on participants.

Len Clements has been frustrated because little attention has been paid to some things he’s written in rebuttal to the various reports Barry Minkow and team (including me) have released. The writings of Len Clements are a bit painful to read, as he often doesn’t articulate clear points, and his sarcasm and disrespect toward the other side ruin what little credibility he might otherwise have.

Len Clements went crazy on the Yahoo discussion board to this earlier this week, posting as mwave43: Continue reading