Is LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Really a Rip-Off?


LifeLock Identity Theft Protection ServicesLifeLock sucks. When I first heard about LifeLock a few years ago, I was very intrigued by its service. I was especially interested in how it advertised the services: With the company’s CEO telling everyone his social security number.

The company “guarantees” that your identity will never be stolen, and it offers a “$1,000,000 Service Guarantee.” Continue reading

Examining LifeLock Testimonials


I’ve written a lot about what I think about LifeLock: That it’s not worth it and consumers shouldn’t waste their money. Even at only $10 per month, consumers are getting next to nothing. They certainly aren’t getting any meaningful protection above what is already available to them for free. Even the company’s CEO Todd Davis hasn’t been protected from identity theft with LifeLock.

And the “LifeLock Guarantee” is so worthless that I don’t expect the company will help any customer after they’ve been the victim of identity theft. Continue reading

LifeLock Is Watching Me!


The people at LifeLock are on a serious mission to keep the company’s critics quiet. They even called me this week in an effort to “educate me” on the virtues of LifeLock so that I’d quit criticizing them publicly.

So imagine my surprise today at being notified that I had someone new “watching” me on Twitter. (To those who don’t know about Twitter, think of it as a mini-blog to which people can subscribe to see your updates.)

My new watcher was named Ben Rabicoff, and it only took me a few seconds to find out why: He’s the “online marketing manager” for LifeLock. (See profile information from LinkedIn below.) Continue reading

The Lifelock “Guarantee”: Talking Out of Both Sides of Their Mouth


Here and on (AOL’s personal finance site), I’ve been discussing a company called LifeLock. They purport to help people prevent identity theft. They’re slick marketers and they’ve really capitalized on people’s fears of identity theft. But I don’t like the company or its services.

One of the reasons I don’t like the LifeLock service is because I don’t think it’s worth the money. Consumers can do more for free on their own, than they get from LifeLock. (Their main service involves placing a “fraud alert” on your credit report, which is not worth much to a consumer. They need a “credit freeze” to have a reasonable chance of protecting themselves, and LifeLock doesn’t offer that.)

And the other reason I don’t like LifeLock is because of their “$1 million guarantee.” I don’t think that guarantee is worth a darn thing. Continue reading