Milwaukee Public Schools Teachers Admit They Suck?


The idea being proposed is simple: Pay Milwaukee Public Schools teachers more to teach a longer school day so children can learn more.

The response from the teachers union: “We’ve taken a consistent view that doing the same thing longer is going to produce the same results.”

Translation: We’re not teaching children now, and having a longer school day would only have us not teaching more. Continue reading

Milwaukee Teachers Crying About Having to Teach Children to Read


Today the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a typical story about the poor teachers and the poor students in Milwaukee. How dare they be required to teach things like reading and mathematics, and how dare the students actually be tested to see if they’ve learned these skills!

The story reports on a meeting of 100 Milwaukee Public Schools employees who wanted to cry about conditions in the classroom. Their biggest gripe appears to be the lack of funding for arts and trades (carpentry, plumbing, etc.). The meeting was sponsored by Network for Social Justice and the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association. Continue reading