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Short Seller Marc Cohodes About Face on Overstock

Former hedge fund manager Marc Cohodes has been a long-time critic of and its wacky CEO, Patrick Byrne. The criticism dates back to the days when Cohodes was at Rocker Partners, a company that was sued by Overstock along with research firm Gradient Analytics. In 2005, Cohodes was fingered … and Gradient settle lawsuit

On Monday, a press release announced that the long legal battle between (NASDAQ:OSTK), its nutty CEO Patrick Byrne, and Gradient Analytics was over. It was somewhat disappointing, when it seemed that the heart of the lawsuit was an attempt to silence critics. Scare research firms so much that they’ll … and Naked Short Selling

An article on the Industry Standard by managing editor Ian Lamont, “ CEO: I’m not vindictive.”, explores a recent blog post made by Patrick Byrne on his site that attempts to expose corruption on Wall Street. Byrne is the completely inept CEO of (NASDAQ:OSTK), the man who has run …