Tom Barrett Lies About Governor Scott Walker


Elections get nasty. Mudslinging is the norm. But Tom Barrett, candidate for governor in the recall election has taken it much too far. He is blatantly lying about Scott Walker in an attempt to win votes, and it is not okay.

There are two major lies that the Tom Barrett campaign is promoting:

1. Scott Walker Opposes Equal Pay For Women

Tom Barrett’s ads say that Scott Walker is opposed to equal pay for equal work, specifically as it relates to women. That is simply not true, but it is a sensational headline that is bound to stick with some women voters who don’t know the truth. Continue reading

A Politician Finally Talking Sense About Bailouts and Stimulus Funds


Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker had an opinion piece on the bailout madness in today’s Wall Street Journal. His legacy is holding the line of property taxes for Milwaukee County property owners. (i.e. He felt that we were already paying too much when he won the office several years ago, and has seen to it that we did not have any increases.)

I agree with his entire opinion piece, but here are some of the best parts (b0ld added by me): Continue reading