The secret to recruiting for ShopToEarn


Recruiting for multi-level marketing companies has become a game of strategy. How many times have you been invited to hear about “an opportunity,” but the person inviting wouldn’t tell you the name of the company? We’ve all heard about this tactic… The recruiters don’t want anyone to “pre-judge” or show up with opinions before they’ve heard the sales pitch.

My friends at ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth have figured out this part of the MLM recruiting equation too. Continue reading

Inside ShopToEarn’s “customer service department”


A reader of Fraud Files recently contacted me to offer some information on the inner workings of ShopToEarn. Readers of this blog have had plenty of questions about the company and its founder, Patrick Welsh. One reader did a bunch of research, and came away with more questions than answers.

The information provided by the latest reader, who we’ll call Jamie, is interesting to say the least. Here’s what Jamie had to say about Shop To Earn… Continue reading

A Reader Researches Shop To Earn


Do you know who you’re doing business with? What’s the real story behind Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth? Why does this background information look so sketchy? Here’s what a reader of this blog found…

I’ve been approached over the past couple of months about shoptoearn, primarily by people in the real estate industry.

So I did a little research and was somewhat horrified at what I learned. I’m sharing the results with you in the hope that you will find it useful sometime to share with your readers and perhaps help some avoid shattered hopes and destroyed relationships. Continue reading

Social media in the hands of irresponsible employees can be dangerous


A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting encounter with a PR firm in Florida. The Buyer Group is owned by Lisa Buyer. They were retained by Shop To Earn (STE) to do an online PR campaign, including a lame blog that is supposed to counteract the “negative” information found on the internet about STE.

I have been one of the main critics of Shop To Earn (also using the name Shop To Earth), a multi-level marketing scheme. There are very few people willing to tell the truth about STE and the flaws in its program. I’ve been more than happy to expose how little money people are actually making from this scheme, and the fact that the vast majority of people will lose money with it. Continue reading

ShopToEarn Business Builder Commission Rules as of 7/26/08


The information reproduced here is from a ShopToEarn communication to brokers. It is being posted here for educational and critique purposes, as permitted under fair use principles.

There are two qualifications that a Business Builder must maintain to receive SCORE! Commissions:

A. A Business Builder must refer at least 3 Website Owners and place at least one on the Left Side and at least one on the Right Side to become qualified to SCORE! If after the end of a year, one of those Website Owner’s fails to renew his/her Website Owner status, that Business Builder must refer another Website Owner to become qualified to SCORE! Continue reading

ShopToEarn: How Much, How Fast


Shop To Earn representatives frequently promote the idea of earning $4,100 in commissions your first 30 days after signing up? How can you do it? The details are below, and it’s not as easy as it seems. It starts with “just recruiting” some people. But then you also have to get people below you to recruit, or you don’t get the points and commissions. If you take a careful look at the below details, to get the $4,100 in 30 days, you have to get 10 people recruited and you have to get several of them to recruit 3 or more people. Plus you have to generate enough point volume.

The information reproduced here is from the back office available to STE brokers. It is being posted for educational and critique purposes, as permitted under fair use principles. Continue reading