Teen Mom Lawsuit: Anti-SLAPP Motions and Legal Fees


Last week, my friend and colleague Marc Randazza scored a big win for Briana DeJesus in the lawsuit filed against her by Kailyn Lowry. The case against Briana was dismissed after successfully arguing an anti-SLAPP motion.

I have my own experience with anti-SLAPP motions, after having been sued for $270 million by Medifast, a scammy MLM that peddled diet products under the brand Take Shape for Life (now called Optavia). I won my anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss, and then Medifast had to pay nearly $200,000 in legal fees to me.

Kail sued Briana for defamation in June 2021 after Briana said that Kail’s ex-boyfriend Chris said Kail physically assaulted them. Briana’s win was really simple: She told the truth. Chris did, in fact, tell her that Kail assaulted him.  And there was no evidence that Briana knew that the statement was false. Continue reading