TSA Agents Demand to Pat Down Passenger AFTER His Flight


Via Amy Alkon, the stupidity of this speaks for itself. Kahler Nygard had “SSSS” on his boarding pass, which means he should have gotten extra groping from TSA in the security line BEFORE his flight. Someone decided he didn’t get enough groping, so TSA met him when he exited the plane at his destination. Nygard rightfully declined the groping in Denver… there was no logical reason to grope him AFTER he was done flying and couldn’t possibly blow up the plane he just left.

The Truth About the Airport Body Scanners


A former Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Agent confesses… that what you experience in airports is nothing but security theater. The TSA agent reveals how the body scanners don’t work:

Our instructor [on the Rapiscan Systems full body scanner] was a balding middle-aged man who shrugged his shoulders after everything he said, as though in apology. At the conclusion of our crash course, one of the officers in our class asked him to tell us, off the record, what he really thought about the machines. Continue reading

Airport Naked Body Scanners Are a Fraud


I have long believed that the nonsense the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) makes us go through at the airport does not actually makes us safer. It makes people feel safer, but it doesn’t actually make us safer.

And here is the proof. The stupid full body scanners that let TSA agents see us nude are easy to get past with all sorts of metal. One simple experiment shows how any properly motivated idiot can take all sorts of metal objects (weapons!) through airports and onto planes. Continue reading