Voter Fraud in Milwaukee is Real


handcuffsMilwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is somewhat infamous for denying that voter fraud occurs in Milwaukee, telling constituents “give me one name” of a person committing voter fraud. Names have been given over and over and over again.

Now there are ten more people charged with voter fraud in Milwaukee County. Among the fraud allegedly perpetrated are the following acts:

  • Felons ineligible to vote casting ballots
  • Double voting in the 2012 elections
  • Providing false information to an election official Continue reading

But There’s No Evidence of Voter Fraud!


Check out this bit of circular reasoning: The Wauwatosa Common Council has rejected a request for officials to verify voter registrations because “There is no historical evidence to show (voter fraud) is a problem in Wauwatosa.” (Alderman Craig Maher) Except there is “no evidence” of voter fraud because the voter rolls have never been checked. Continue reading