Workplace Discrimination Against Women Largely a Myth


This morning someone sent me a link to this article on the mythical discrimination against women via corporate pay, thinking I’d be outraged. Except I agree with Steve Chapman: There’s no evidence supporting that claim, but it sure sounds great to say women are paid less for the same jobs.

I ticked off some of my female colleagues at AOL’s WalletPop in May, writing that the glass ceiling for women is merely a myth. While I think there are some instances of discrimination in the workplace, that’s not the reason women are paid less in corporate America. It’s because of their chioices.

Here’s what Steve Chapman had to say: Continue reading

Women in the workforce: Incompetence versus discrimination


Women have been discriminated against in the workplace. I’m not pretending it doesn’t happen, because it does. There are “good old boys networks” and those can have a negative impact on women at work.

But women need to get with the program and figure out when there’s discrimination and when they’re just incompetent (or at the very least not working up to the standards of their male counterparts).

Case in point: Nannette Hegarty, former police chief for the City of Milwaukee. I had high hopes for Nan when she took office. Unfortunately, she was a complete and utter failure at her job. Her officers never respected her, and crime thrived while she was in charge. Continue reading