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Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Cases:

Investigating Spending and Finding Hidden Income and Assets

Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Cases

An important tool for family lawyers

One of the most important tools a family lawyer can use in a divorce case is a lifestyle analysis: the process of tabulating and analyzing the income and expenses of the parties in order to confirm or refute a spouse’s income claims, among other uses.

Forensic Accountant

A financial expert or forensic accountant can play an integral part in a divorce case involving complex financial matters. One of the most important tools they can use is a lifestyle analysis, a component being employed in an increasing number of divorces.

Lifestyle Analysis

Know the critical documents used and the process to complete a thorough and accurate analysis. Learn the information that can be gleaned from tax returns, financial statements, bank statements, and other financial documents.


The lifestyle analysis is then used to determine the standard of living for all parties, which will influence important support calculations and may affect property division. Additionally, a lifestyle analysis can uncover hidden sources of income and be used to evaluate the finances of each party in a prenuptial agreement.

Analyze Standard of Living

The book begins with the critical factors to use in analyzing a couple’s standard of living, followed by a discussion of the various types of income and why they should be either included or excluded from calculations in a family law case.

Hidden Income or Assets

To help an attorney determine whether a lifestyle analysis is necessary for a particular case, the author discusses the numerous red flags that may indicate hidden income or assets or other financial irregularities.

Historical Spending

Additional chapters focus on key elements included in a lifestyle analysis, including:

  • Analyzing historical spending
  • Locating hidden assets
  • Business lifestyle analysis
  • Reporting and testifying

The Only Book On Lifestyle Analysis

Tracy talks about why the book is so powerful for attorneys

  • Chapter 1 – Purpose of the Lifestyle Analysis
  • Chapter 2 – Standard of Living
  • Chapter 3 – Defining and Calculating Income
  • Chapter 4 – Preparing for the Lifestyle Analysis
  • Chapter 5 – Financial Discovery
  • Chapter 6 – Documents Used in the Lifestyle Analysis
  • Chapter 7 – Financial Analysis of Documents
  • Chapter 8 – Historical Spending and Budgeting
  • Chapter 9 – Hidden Income
  • Chapter 10 – Hidden Assets
  • Chapter 11 – Special Items in Lifestyle Analysis
  • Chapter 12 – Business Lifestyle Analysis
  • Chapter 13 – Reporting Findings and Testifying

Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Cases

what people are saying

This book is a great tool for family law attorneys dealing with complex financial matters. Tracy Coenen takes the time to explain both the basic and complex financial concepts that you will deal with in divorce and child support cases.

Family Lawyer

Excellent resource. As both a practicing attorney and a law professor, I highly recommend this book to both my colleagues and students.

Family Lawyer

As a practicing divorce lawyer, I have had several opportunities to reference this book. It is clean, concise, and authoritative. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn the “tricks of the trade.”

Miles Mason
Family Lawyer