Income tax audits are intimidating whether you are being audited personally or as a business owner.There is a right way and a wrong way to handle an audit by a state or federal taxing authority. It is easy to

More than ever, competent and dynamic expert witnesses are critical to winning legal cases. Even if a case doesn’t go to trial, a credible expert can be the key to settling the case for your client. I believe that

Check out this video from a real-life “Millionaire Maker” for traders. His story is amazing. He started with under $15k to trade and turned that into over $1.65 million in 4 years. And is now up to over $4

A friend of mine, Tim Sykes,  made $4 million (yes, in real money profits) by trading small stocks.  He just put together a presentation showing what he does differently than most investors. And shares the key to his success.

Defenders of multi-level marketing (MLM) will tell you that some companies “do it” right, while some companies “do it” wrong. One such example is John Hempton, a clown who thinks that Herbalife is the greatest thing since sliced bread.