Hacking the iPhone


The hackers have been at work in the week that the iPhone has been around, and they’ve already figured out how to get around some of the restrictions built into the phone.

The first hack… The iPhone does not work unless you activate the wireless service with AT&T. That means you can’t even use the web browser or the iPod part of it if it’s not activated. Hackers have figured out how to activate both of these features without the AT&T service contract.

Hackers are also working on figuring out how to get the iPhone to work with other wireless carriers. They’re also attempting to use “unapproved” applications with the iPhone.

Consumers are complaining about the restrictions on the phone and the fact that they paid a high price for the phone and should be able to use it with any carrier and a variety of applications. Apple says that consumers purchase the iPhone with full knowledge of the restrictions it has.

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