How many more ways can “The Alderman” break the law?


Following his lengthy history of in-your-face law-breaking, Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee Jr (also known as Michael Jackson, depending upon the day and the crime being committed) has been intimidating witnesses from jail.

Is anyone surprised anymore when he blatantly breaks the law in front of law enforcement officers???

In the never-ending saga of “what did he do this time” …

Yesterday prosecutors told a federal judge that McGee was a danger to the community and would threaten witnesses if released. The judge gave him $10,000 bail with a list of conditions ultimately adding up to house-arrest, but we know how well he’ll follow those rules.

Prosecutors then asked the Chief Judge to issue an order blocking McGee’s release, which he did. A hearing will be held today on the potential release.

Here’s how the witness intimidation went down. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Haanstad said McGee repeatedly had called people asking them to reach the beat-down target and “make him understand” the situation was not what it appeared. And he suggested putting money into Jackson’s bank account “to persuade him to not testify.”

To reach people connected to the case, McGee used third-party calling, in which the alderman called one person who would conference in a third person. Signs in the Milwaukee County Jail, where McGee was being held, clearly note that this practice is prohibited.

Additionally, Haanstad said, McGee suggested to a witness in the federal case that he “lay low,” move to a new house and not use the telephone.

And he suggested attempting to get a key witness in the federal case – Jack Kheirieh, the owner of Mother’s Foods – to sign a statement recanting what he had told authorities.

Oh, and did I mention that McGee is still pulling down his $71,000 alderman’s salary and using a public defender because he’s claiming he’s indigent?

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