No Elderly People in My Neighborhood!!!


What has this world come to when neighbors are protesting against a house for elderly people? God forbid that the elderly people’s family members come to visit them. They might bring with them *gasp* traffic!

This is the house that Jacquelynne Chiarelli wants to turn into a residential facility for elderly people. If you’ve ever had to find assisted living for an elderly family member, you can appreciate how difficult it is. In the Milwaukee area, there are more residents than there are beds.

So Jacquelynne, a licensed nurse, decided that she would open her own community-based facility. These types of facilities are important for people who need some assistance with daily living, but don’t need or want to be in a nursing home.

Jacquelynne’s facility would house up to 8 people, so it’s not like this is changing the neighborhood into some commercial hub. But the facility was proposed for *gasp* Mequon, and the neighbors are protesting it. They’ve got signs on their front lawns.

But the protests probably won’t matter much. Jacquelynne and her husband, Luke Chiarelli, don’t need permission from the local government to open the facility. All they need is the state license to open their facility, which will be called Silver Springs of Mequon.

Neighbors are crying because the Chiarellis didn’t tell them their plans when they came over to say hello. Neighbors thought they were just a new family moving into the neighborhood, and didn’t know they were renovating the house to open the facility.

One of the neighbors says:

“I have no problem with what she’s doing; I think it’s a great thing. “I just don’t think they should be in the middle of a neighborhood with 30 kids around.”

Wow. Who would have known that 8 elderly people would be such a danger to neighborhood children?

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