Dennis Troha’s fools


Dennis Troha has to be laughing at all the idiots involved in his schemes. Troha is the wealthy businessman who was a financial backer for a Menominee Indian casino project through his entity, Kenesah Gaming Development.

He was indicted in early 2007 for illegally giving Governor Jim Doyle $100,000 via his company Johnson Houston Partners and through his children, and lying to the FBI about it. On charges of fraud and making a materially false statement to investigators, he could have gotten up to 25 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. He actually ended up getting 6 months of probation under a plea deal.

And the fools who were involved with Troha? They’re not faring too well. Governor Doyle, of course, isn’t being scrutinized in the least. But here are some others who were in on Troha’s shenanigans:

  • John Erickson, an employee of Troha’s trucking company JHT Holdings, pleaded guilty in September 2007 to two counts of making illegal campaign contributions. The contributions were made to politicians who supported Indian gaming in Kenosha. He was in charge of a fund that made over $250,000 in illegal contributions. His sentence could be up to 2 years in prison and a fine of $200,000.
  • Achille “Kelly” Infusino, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge for his part in making illegal campaign contributions to politicians supporting Indian gaming in Kenosha. Infusino made $250,000 in illegal campaign contributions in exchange for financial benefits for Troha’s company, ATC Leasing. He could receive up to 1 year in prison followed by 1 year of supervision and a $100,000 fine.
  • Allan Kehl, former Kenosha County Executive, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to take bribes of $15,000. He could get up to five years in prison, but prosecutors are recommending a 2 year prison sentence.

Can you imagine how these fools feel now? Troha was behind all of this illegal activity, yet he is running around free with a measly little sentence of six months probation. And these other guys are going to prison.

What idiots. They did all his dirty work, and now they get to pay with prison time too while Troha enjoys his freedom. (Not that I feel bad for them in the least, though.)

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  1. Mr. Troha recently purchased a multi-million dollar home in Scottsdale, AZ. He then purchased more than twenty-seven thousand just in beds. Who says crime doesn’t pay….you just have to grease the right palms.

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