Complaint Filed With FTC About Facebook “Privacy” Changes

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Today the Electronic Privacy Information Center and nine other privacy groups filed a complaint with the FTC about Facebook. They want the FTC to investigate the privacy changes, and they’re saying that Facebook didn’t do enough to protect users’ privacy when they rolled out the changes last week. What was touted as an “improvement’ to privacy options really destroyed a lot of privacy for most Facebook users. The full complaint is posted at Mashable.

And yes, I personally think Facebook was deceptive about all this and tried to trick users into opening up their data to prying eyes. How better for Facebook to open up their platform to more advertising revenues than to get users to expose more data about themselves?

Yes, the whole purpose of social networking is to connect with others and share information. However, I think providers of these services owe it to users to be forthcoming about exactly what is private and what is not. Consumers should have the right to decide about their own privacy based on getting the whole story from the networks, not just public relations spin about “new and improved” privacy options which are really less private than ever before.

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