Getting Started in the Tim Sykes Millionaire Trading Challenge

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  1. This “syllabus” outlines what is on each of the DVDs. It is very helpful if you are looking for specific information.
  2. One of Tim’s students put together this checklist, which summarizes Tim’s trading strategy and the most important chart patterns. Keep this handy.
  3. Start first with the DVD Pennystocking Part Deux. This will give you an better idea of the trading strategy overall.
  4. Then watch Tim Fundamentals #2. This is a solid basis as well.
  5. Watch ALL of the video lessons. Try to keep up on the daily ones Tim puts out. Also go back and watch all of the old ones. These pages list some of the best video lessons to watch, so you might start there: The Forecast Forex On 23 11 2016

9 thoughts on “Getting Started in the Tim Sykes Millionaire Trading Challenge

  1. Maggie


    I am about to join. Please share your experience both good and bad. Thank you in advance.

  2. Maggie


    You have now been in it for a few months. Have yous started trading ? How is it going for you please share. I am about to join and like with every new challenge there are those fears. Please share with me your experience this far.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Chris


    The links to the syllabus and the checklist are not working. Would you be able to repost them or email them to me? I’m going through Pennystocking Part Deux right now.


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