Wisconsin woman convicted in Medicaid fraud case

Last week, Sheron L. Jerdee of Cameron, Wisconsin was found guilty of four felony counts of forgery-uttering and two felony counts of [tag]medical assistance fraud[/tag].

Jerdee, 64, owned Ambu-Lift Transports, Inc., a company that provided transportation to people covered under Wisconsin’s Medicaid program. The corporation was also convicted of four felony counts of forgery-uttering and three felony counts of medical assistance fraud in a default judgment.

In July 2004, Jerdee altered three State Patrol inspection reports and submitted them to the Department of Health and Family Services in an attempt to show that the vehicles had been inspected, when they had not. She also [tag]forged insurance documents[/tag] to make it appear that she had coverage, when she did not.

Jerdee submitted claims for payment to the Medicaid program for services provided with uncertified vehicles. She also submitted claims for services provided without a valid physician’s authorization form. Jerdee further forged a physicians authorization form in connection with an audit of her business.

The defendant faces up to 36 years in prison and $90,000 in fines.

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