Gas pill scam busted in Texas


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has filed a lawsuit against [tag]BioPerformance[/tag] Inc. He has also obtained a temporary restraining order to stop the company from operating. BioPerformance is an illegal [tag]pyramid scheme[/tag] that markets fuel pills with false claims.

The company has stated that the [tag]fuel pill[/tag]s increase gas mileage, saving consumers money. The company claims their [tag]gasoline pill[/tag]s and powders are non-toxic and can increase fuel efficiency by 30 percent. Tests show, however, that the pill is the chemical equivalent of toxic mothballs and does NOT increase gas mileage.

Since the product being sold by BioPerformance is bogus, then the company is nothing more than an illegal pyramid scheme. Buy-ins costs dealers $300 to $500, and money is earned by recruiting more members.

Read more about the [tag]fraud[/tag] in the attorney general’s press release here.

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