Woman Embezzles $100,000 From Psychiatrist

Kim Kellbach, 48, has been charged with 3 felonies in Ozaukee County for stealing from her employer of 15 years. The charges include theft in a business setting, modifying computer data to commit fraud, and forgery, and carry penalties of up to 19 years in prison and $45,000 in fines.

The criminal complaint states that Kellbach issued herself seven extra paychecks of $909.54 each and 19 unauthorized bonus checks totaling $11,781. She also diverted insurance company payments of $21,750 to herself, and gave herself multiple reimbursements totaling $7,600 for her own insurance premiums.

Kellbach’s employer, Jeffrey Taxman, owns Newport Professionals Inc. The embezzlement was discovered by him last summer when questions arose about computerized accounting records. Taxman accessed the computer records, and when Kellbach learned that he had looked at the records, she started acting suspiciously. Taxman and his wife immediately began comparing the computer records to bank records, and quickly discovered the theft.

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