Cingular Wireless files suit against a company involved in the H-P pretexting case

On Friday, Cingular Wireless filed a lawsuit against CAS Agency Inc. in U.S.District Court in Atlanta. Cingular claims that the company fraudulently accessed the records of one of its cutomers during the [tag]investigation [/tag]of the Hewlitt-Packard board of directors information leak.

Specifically, Cingular says CAS Agency illegally accessed the records of CNET reporter Dawn Kawamoto, one of the reporters who wrote about discussions among members of H-P’s board.

Also included in the lawsuit are 100 unidentified companies and 100 “John Does” who have attempted to obtain and sell customer records. This lawsuit follows the Verizon Wireless lawsuit filed on Thursday against 20 unidentified people who fraudulently obtained their records in cnnection with the H-P [tag]pretexting[/tag] scandal.

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