10 reasons to recall Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee/Jackson

ViAnna Jordan, the woman behind the effort to recall Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee (Jackson) has put together a website on the issue. Ms. Jordan launched the recall drive this week, and has already been getting positive press.

From Ms. Jordan’s website, 10 reasons why Michael McGee (Jackson) should be recalled:

  1. Has become an embarrassment to his community
  2. Perjured himself in court about an illicit affair with mother of his child
  3. Arrested on charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening to kill a woman
  4. Aide arrested for possession of guns, drugs, and open alcohol
  5. Used slurs and epithets against LGBT community; unbecoming of a role model
  6. Has shamefully earned the public reputation of a scofflaw
  7. Lacks the rapport and leadership skills to be an effective leader
  8. Refers constituents to disreputable cronies in a conspiratorial hoax/scam
  9. Fraudulent use of alias names to avoid responsibility for accident damages
  10. Used constituent organizations to rally to the defense of a shameful act

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