More Officers Charged in the Frank Jude Beating Case


Six current and former Milwaukee police officers have been charged with federal crimes related to the Frank Jude Jr. beating incident that occured almost two years ago. A total of 8 officers have now been charged by the U.S. Attorney, and 3 have agreed to plead guilty.

Thursday’s indictments included Jon Bartlett, Daniel Masarik and Andrew Spengler, the three officers who were unsuccessfulliy tried in Milwaukee County Court. Additionally, Ryan Packard and Ryan Lemke have been charged. The felonies charged by the U.S. Attorney include conspiracy to violate the civili rights of Frank Jude and his friend, Lovell Harris. Joseph Stromei was charged with obstruction of justice for lying to investigators, and he has agreed to plead guilty.

The five men charged with conspiracy could each receive up to 20 years in prison and fines of $500,000. Stromei could receive up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He is likely to receive less prison time than the maximum, however, since he is cooperating with prosecutors.

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