The Michael McGee Jackson Recall Election Will Move Forward


Yesterday the Milwaukee Election Commission spent all day in a hearing about the recall against alderman Michale McGee (Jackson).

McGee (Jackson) claimed that were was “widespread fraud” by the recall organizers. He said he got over 100 calls about people who said they’d been decieved, but he could not name any names. Does he even have ANY credibility anymore???

The election commission determined that some signatures were not valid, but ViAnna Jordan’s petitions still had 1,785 valid signatures. That was more than enough for the recall to go forward.

The commission took five hours to deliberate before announcing that the recall would go foward. However, the statement by the commission said that fraud and misrepresentation might cast a cloud over the election.

The District Attorney’s office is still looking into allegations of crminal behavior. Too bad they aren’t interested in holding McGee accountable for HIS criminal beahvior.

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