Plastic Surgery Patient Starts Website and Successfully Defends Defamation Claim


Plastic surgery patient Georgette Gilbert was unhappy with her results, and started a website called My Surgery Nightmare. On the site, she detailed her experience with Dr. Jonathan Sykes, including before and after photos. She had an endoscopic browlift, lower blepharoplasty, cheeklift and fat injections…and I must say that the “after” pictures are scary.

Here is a snippet of what Georgette wrote on her site:

For me surgery was the biggest regret of my life. I didn’t need 5 procedures and I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. What I thought was going to be subtle turned into a nightmare. I’ve spent over two years of my life meeting with doctors all over the United States and having revision surgeries in hopes to get back to how I once looked or at the very least look normal again… I have had some successful revisions but I can never get back to “my look” since there is only so much doctors can do….

Georgette filed a malpractice suit against Dr. Sykes, and he countersued for defamation. The court ruled against him on his counterclaim, based upon the website containing statements that were either true or a matter of opinion.

6 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery Patient Starts Website and Successfully Defends Defamation Claim

  1. I commend Georgette for coming forward and setting up her website. It’s because of people like her and myself who are not afraid to take a stand, that others will be encouraged to come forward and perhaps save many lives.

    You would be shocked to see what this one doctor formerly of Roseville did to all of us. Formal charges have been filed.

    Dr. Brian R. West, Plastic Surgeon, battled an alcohol addiction problem. He was on his way to treat Becky Anderson in the hospital when he was pulled over and arrested on a DUI, not his first. Her was charged with intentional torte, intentional battery and intentional negligence in the case of Becky Anderson and the judge forced him to pay back Medi-Cal, for a NO CONSENT surgery. Becky had more than a dozen surgeries by Dr. West and was covered by Medi-Cal.

    I have been investigating West since 2005 and based upon many of the patients I have found, they too were covered by Medi-Cal and had multiple unnecessary surgeries just like Becky. I smell Medi-Cal Fraud.

    Former Patient

  2. In response to Tina’s comment: Tina, you are so full of crap! Dr. West was NOT on his way to see Becky Anderson when he got a DUI in 2000! Read the police report! No battery charges either, no unnecessary surgeries, etc! Dr. West never paid any money back to Medi-Cal and there was never any Medi-Cal fraud. Tina, your lies get more and more fabricated as each year passes. You make it up. What a sad life you live. You lost your lawsuit against your doctor, you find out some other patient (Georgette) got away with slanderous remarks on a website she started about her doctor, so out of revenge, you started your own website badmouthing your doctor with nothing but lie after lie after lie. You’ve stalked him and his family for over 5 years now. I don’t know how you can live with yourself! You are a MONSTER! You are not even human. I never knew EVIL until you, nor did I know hate until you. I’d love to say more, but I will leave it at that for now.

    For the truth, go to:

    Dr. Brian R. West is a great plastic surgeon and a wonderful man!

  3. sherry bural

    the truth lies lies lies…..dr west was on his way to see becky while drunk…he did not tell the police he was, BUT her wrote a letter to the dr apologizing for not seeing becky..he could not see her because he was in an accident…the accident was on way to hospital to see becky. The truth has told one lie after another. yes, tina lost her suit, becky won hers..she got the maximum allowed in calif. There is a trial in sept to revoke West’s license….tina and her group are not a part of this…this is the ATTY General of calif. hmmmm….maybe the Truth really does lie….you can count on that.

  4. silvia horta

    I was also a victim of Dr.brian west, he ruiened my life my future. to the people that defend dr.brian west, just because you didnt have the same bad luck as us doesnt mean that it didnt happened. Dr. brian west did my surgery in may of 2007, it opened up on the third day when he took my bandages of i had like 5 holes on my stomach. in july 2007 seven he decided to do surgery again because the holes on my stomach did not heel the second surgery opened up on the day he took my bandages off. so he cant say that it was infection because i didnt take care of it. i was going thru a devorce and i wanted to feel better about my self. he left my body disfigured it became a nightmare i lost my house because i finished all my savings paying for medications and supporting my 3 kids, got behind all my debts, my credit is messed up cause of that, thank god i didnt lose my job because i have an understanding boss. and i can keep going with my story but is to long to write. he put on me an drainage in me without aneteshia he waws very rude and inpolite . he kept telling me that i was going to get better in a year he kept me drugged so i wasnt all there, he kept telling me that so the year that a patient can sue went by, so dont talk for all of us that went thru hell. and he walked away with my future beacause now i am homeless and in debt.

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