Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle Wants to Raise Taxes By $1.74 BILLION


Remind me again…. didn’t he say in his re-election campaign that he wasn’t going to raise taxes? Sounds like another lie from the Doyle administration…

Here’s what’s in store for us:

  • An additional $630 per each of the 2.76 million income tax filers (but gosh, how beter could this money be spent anyway)
  • $506 million from the $2.02 per pack tax on cigarettes
  • $417 million from the new tax on hospitals
  • $272 million from the tax on oil company profits (not that this will ever happen, but still, he wants it)
  • $142 million from doubling the real estate transfer fee paid
  • Increased “fees” of $376.2 million (but that’s not really a tax, is it?)

And if you’re not tired of bending over yet, property tax bills are probably going to go up by about $350 million at the end of this year… Please sir, may I have another?

Oh wait… they already gave it to us again, by having Doyle’s spokesman Matt Canter say that “… this budget provides targeted tax relief for the middle class…” Yeah, this is what tax relief really looks like.

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