More lies at Usana Health Sciences


Did you think I meant today’s earnings conference call? Well that deception will be discussed later.

Today I am pointing out the lack of a PhD on the part of Denis Waitley. The Wall Street Journal broke the story today:

Usana Health Sciences Inc., a multilevel marketer of vitamins and mineral supplements, says it has been unable to confirm that one of its directors, Denis Waitley, received a doctoral degree that he had claimed.

Usana earlier took responsibility for the master’s degree error, but appeared to blame Mr. Waitley for it today. “That was an error that was submitted by Denis,” said a Usana spokesman, Riley Timmer. Usana says it is continuing to investigate the Ph.D. matter and that Mr. Waitley remains a paid spokesman and consultant to the company.

Both the master’s and Ph.D. matters were brought to light by a San Diego investigator, Barry Minkow, who has released several critical reports on the company…

“Unable to confirm” translates to: he doesn’t have the degree!!!?

In case you haven.t been following the Usana story, Fraud Discovery Institute discovered that Waitely didn.t have the Masters Degree he claimed. Usana covered up for him, saying that it was an error on their part. (Really, an error that includes the listing of a degree, an area of study, and a school.. Quite the typo, I think. *wink, wink*)

Now the fraud goes one step further with the Phd.

What will we find next???

One thought on “More lies at Usana Health Sciences

  1. Jake Holladay

    I would like to hear a follow up from you on this story. I am a client of USANA in takin their vitamins. I have never done anything with the business but their nutritionals are great products. I have heard from several people in the company that Denis Waitley’s PHD has now been verified. The President of the University he attended has now been found and has confirmed that he did recieve that accredidation. Please let me know what is going on with this!

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