Alderman Michael McGee Discussing Murder-For-Hire

Details are out about the state charges against Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee (Jackson) of solicitation to commit a felony/conspiracy and solicitation to commit a felony/substantial battery. McGee was charged with Little Stewart and Dimitrius Jackson in Milwaukee county court yesterday.

McGee’s attorney is claiming that there was a misinterpretation of the slang. Wrong! McGee and his conspirators discussed “peeling back his wig” and Rick Eisenberg does a great job of illustrating what that means. I don’t think anyone is confused. They also discussed “sewing his cap together.”

McGee and his conspirators allegdly discussed a $3,000 fee for the murder, but then agreed on just a “beat down” for $1,000.

The police immediately went into action on Monday to arrest McGee and his associates, and to get the intended target of the crime into protective custody. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has all the details.

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