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This was posted yesterday on the Yahoo message board for Usana Health Sciences. It has some details that I think could easily be proven or disproven. This is not the first I have heard of cancelled auto-ship and lower recruiting of new Usana associates. Here is the post, and the bold lettering is my emphasis:

On April 4th we announced to the Street that we had a record closing week of the quarter and a record attendance at the Las Vegas regional convention. Profiled at the convention and brought out for the public was Duke Tubtim, a one star diamond associate. What we would not announce three days after the close of month one quarter two is a downward guidance. Read the below carefully. It is all the proof one needs.

Analysts press and press us for announcements and seek to conceal things like the April productivity of Tubtim and other diamond associates. We made a big deal out of a regional conference and an examination of our ‘download management’ internal software created for associates on associate 2119355 the Duke Tubtim associate number makes for interesting reading.

The breakdown of his business center shows that he has 27 legs that make up his downline. The news we do not want the Street to ever know is how many ‘holds’ and ‘auto ship’ cancels Tubtim and other high level associates are experiencing these past several weeks. Tubtim has had 49 associates cancel auto ship entirely and anther 100 associates put auto ship on ‘hold.’ ‘Hold’ is an up to six month designation where the associate can sit back and see what happens without received shipment. They rarely reactivate.

There is more. While signing up seventeen prospects in March 07 Tubtim only signed up four new associates in April. The percentage drop on that is hidden from the Street. And he is a diamond level associate with four new prospects in April. The twenty seven legs in Tubtims downline are broken down in groups of between eighteen to thirty one individual associates. In Tubtims first group he has twenty nine and thirty one. In the second through fifth group thirty each. Sixth group twenty three. Seventh nineteen and eight eighteen. All the way to 27 legs totaling a little less than six hundred associates in his business.

This is a one star diamond in our company and he lost forty nine distributors to cancellation of auto ship and one hundred are on hold in the past weeks. His weekly commission check for April 27th was 3,200 and his weekly commission check for April 13th was 3,100. Riddle me this Batman how in the world does Gil and Scott the ‘dump all your cash and debt into this stupid stock’ Van Winkle not announce to the Street the follow up to the Las Vegas convention? The drop out and holds of associates, the inability to sign up new ones and the accountants being ‘handled’ by Gil who is ‘one of them.’ For a diamond on the heals of the greatest regional convention ever to sign up only four new associates shows that the crimes we have committed since the unraveling are greater than the ones that got us here. True for other diamonds. Check it. No good deed goes unpunished.

Rather interesting statements made by this alleged employee of Usana.

2 thoughts on “Alleged Insider Information From Usana

  1. Aaron P.

    Obviously (if you really are an associate) you saw something that you liked, otherwise you wouldn’t have joined. Did your eyes not pop out of your head when you realized Duke’s income of $3100 and $3200 WEEKLY??? That just proves that it is possible. It is inevitable that people are going to join and then do nothing, hoping that money just falls in their lap. The only thing different from you and Duke is that he has drive, determination and isn’t afraid of rejection.

  2. Duke Tubtim

    I am Duke, I charge people $6 to watch videos of my fat ass when I was 20 because I cant afford to pay my bills. I talk for hours on end about myself and charge for it as well. Its not to brag, but Idont really have as much money as everyone thinks I do. I am Duke.

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