Federal Charges Against Michael McGee Jr.

mcgee52907.jpgU.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic just announced some of the charges against Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee (Michael Jackson). The criminal complaint alleges extortion and bribery related to McGee’s duties as alderman.

The investigation began a year ago as business owners complained to the FBI about being asked to give McGee cash in exchange for favorable treatment on licensing matters. There were multiple store owners who complained, and federal and local authorities have been investigating, using undercover and electronic monitoring techniques.

It looks like there are more federal charges and more people to be indicted, but this is all under seal. It also looks like there will be state charges too, but those have not yet been made public.

UPDATE: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the following with regard to the potential state charges:

Police said this morning that McGee was arrested at 5:30 p.m. Monday. A clerk at the jail today declined to release McGee’s arrest and detention report for the booking saying that all information would be redacted from it.

A mug shot, however, shows that McGee was booked in on felony charges for:

  • Substantial battery/intend bodily harm, party to a crime.
  • Substantial battery-intend bodily harm.
  • Conspiracy.



  1. Jeremy

    And here I thought officials would continue to ignore his corruption.

    There have been widespread rumors about his conduct toward business owners, especially putting the screws to those who wouldn’t give into his extortion.

    I feel sorry for the county officer who had to process his arrest. What name do you use? Jackson? McGee? McJackson?

    I’ve been depressed because my favorite show – The Sopranos – is coming to an end. Thank God for this – Mc Jackson’s trial is going to blow away that series finale. Only if McJackson had help as competent as Paulie Walnuts.

    Will he be able to post bail? Summerfest is coming up, I’d hate for him to miss out on all the fun.

  2. Jeremy

    Good question, Tracy. Can he get conjugal visits prior to trial? As far as guests . Baby’s momma still has a restraining order. And he only meets his mistresses in Tosa Blockbuster parking lots. Mrs. McJackson is probably trying to figure out how to file for divorce, but with all the names and social security numbers involved, she can.t figure out who she married.

    My question: Now that Junior’s hand is caught in the cookie jar, who will fill in for McJackson, Sr., when the old man gets suspended from his pay-for radio show?

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