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This is the most recent in a series of posts from a Usana Health Sciences insider who has offering some very interesting information.

The break was needed to prove to myself that I have not become the person I hate. If I am posting for attention and ego I am no better than others I despise. One day I hope my family will understand. I do not expect them to. Staying off the posting for a time made me self examine motives. You did not receive the referral by accident as .cross lining. is prohibited. Other.s will follow. Look up what cross lining means and you will know I sent it.

BJ knows a lot of things. She is the one who told me in a casual conversation one time that Dr. Wentz was under a criminal IRS investigation that ceased or as she put it .resolved. in 2006. BJ signs on the ZIONS BANK account with Dr. Wentz. There used to be a .Sanoviv Medical. account but it is now closed.

Only two accounts left at ZIONS BANK but the following will lead you to further evidence. One account now gets 29,964.00 from Sephora Holdings in Switzerland. The regular deposits from Switzerland .Sephora Holdings. were 24,964.00 now 29,964.00.

When the money arrives in the account ending in 64 it is then transferred to the account ending in 72 which BJ signs on. The account ending in 77 is closed as that was Sanivov Medical. That money is then transferred to the account Betty Gene Snedaker.s and Dr. Wentz sign on and then it is gone. That is what is called a hush payment. BJ is taken care of because of what she knows. Follow that money from Switzerland, to ZIONS BANK in Utah to BJ.s account with Dr. Wentz and ask why.

Reporters are a unique breed, are they not?

An associate out west contacted our headquarters and stated that a group grossing five million a year from another company wants to join Usana. A conference call and meeting with all our top management was suppose to take place. This will not happen. I could not let it happen. They do not know this yet but it will not happen as they will soon realize. I may be going down but I am going to rescue a few before I go. We only wanted our upper management involved in the persuasion of the group because of the pressure for second quarter sales based on the abundant cancellations. We sell a story. Our story would be that the second quarter is a disaster but we have recruited a group from another company to fix it. Not now. Not on my watch.

The company can prove I am not an employee by opening up the books in Switzerland or ZION.S BANK or publicly stating Dr. Wentz was never under a criminal IRS investigation. The second quarter results if I am wrong would also silence me. You know better than anyone that when we cannot censor, we will not remain silent. Stop the emails for information. Do your own homework.

I will post this shortly.

Wow. The second quarter has “abundant cancellations”? Will Usana management perpetrate a fraud to cover up this?

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