More on alderman Michael McGee (Jackson)

I was wondering something… How long can Michael McGee (Jackson) continue to collect his paycheck as alderman? Now that he ‘s been charged at both the federal and state levels, things look pretty grim for him. How long will it take to cut off the cashflow?

Badger Blogger did a great rundown of all the criminal activites, arrests, and inappropriate behavior from Junior McGee over the last year or two. It’s fascinating:

All of the other arrests weren.t enough. the perjury, the affair, the threatening to kill the mother of his illegitimate child while in a courtroom, the restraining orders, these weren.t enough.

The continued racial language on the public airwaves, the threat to hang Leon Todd and to punch State Senator Tim Carpenter and the open hatred against the homosexual community weren.t enough.

Making racially charged .jokes. and and the constant use of .the N-word. on the radio and in public, and threats to throw bricks through the windows of passing cars wasn.t enough.

Having two (that we know of) identities, including two social security numbers, and changing names to get out of paying a judgment against him after a car accident wasn.t enough.

Dodging the sheriffs department for several day when they tried to serve him with one of the restraining orders against him wasn.t enough.

Making harassing phone calls and giving out the personal phone numbers of political opponents and radio producers on a competing station, on their radio show wasn.t enough.

Using his .Respect Kampaign. to promote the Stop Snitchin. movement and calling the past District Attorney a .Dumb Ass. wasn.t enough.

But now, finally, the MJS Editorial Board thinks that there is reason enough for McGee to resign. Better late than never, I guess.

Great post, Patrick. Maybe this time we can get rid of him?

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