“The Alderman” Has Been Arrested (Again)

mcgeemugshot.jpgMilwaukee alderman Michael McGee (Jackson) has been arrested again. No one is saying what he was arrested for, but the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office has said that their office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office will release information tomorrow. McGee/Jackson is a criminal and an embarassment to our community. I can’t wait to see what he’s accused of doing this time.

UPDATE: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the following:

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The Overstock.com house of cards

Quite a lot happened this past week at Overstock.com. Is the house of cards finally falling down?

Some think so. Gary Weiss even wrote a blog post entitled “Will the Last Overstock.com Director Please Turn Out the Lights.” And Sam Antar is wondering why people are distancing themselves from CEO Patrick Byrne.

The Overstock.com directors are dropping. It’s always a bad sign when one’s daddy is the first to resign from the Board of Directors, don’t you think? The stated reason for the departure of John J. Byrne was:

On July 31, 2006, John J. Byrne announced his retirement from the Board of Directors of the Company due to his new role as Chairman of White Mountains Insurance Group. The resignation did not result from a disagreement with the Company on any matter relating to the Company.s operations, policies or practices.

It is interesting that the resignation supposedly has nothing to do with disagreements, but in an interview with CNet News a few months earlier, Patrick admitted that he and his father disagreed about his “jihad against short sellers”:

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Usana Defender Len Clements

Len Clements MLM ExpertOne vocal supporter of Usana has been Len Clements, an owner of a multi-level marketing company. Len Clements has called himself a “watchdog” of MLM, but it seems he’s most interested in keeping the MLM business model alive (for obvious reasons) no matter the effects on participants.

Len Clements has been frustrated because little attention has been paid to some things he’s written in rebuttal to the various reports Barry Minkow and team (including me) have released. The writings of Len Clements are a bit painful to read, as he often doesn’t articulate clear points, and his sarcasm and disrespect toward the other side ruin what little credibility he might otherwise have.

Len Clements went crazy on the Yahoo discussion board to this earlier this week, posting as mwave43:

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“Just One Name!” Cried Mayor Barrett

Does anyone remember when all the voter fraud occurred in Milwaukee and our good mayor couldn’t believe it? He said that someone should give him “just one name” of someone who voted illegally. Here are two more… According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, two people have been charged with voter fraud by the Milwaukee district attorney’s office:

Brenity Gayton, a felon on probation for forgery, and Roderick Douglas, on parole for his convictions of robbery and burglary, each admitted to investigators that the poll records showing they voted in November are accurate, according to criminal complaints filed against each of them this morning.

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Great post on Usana at BloggingStocks

Zac over at BloggingStocks posted a nice piece on Usana Health Sciences. He’s right on the mark when he says that Barry Minkow caught Usana fighting dirty! Following a YouTube video by Minkow regarding how overpriced Usana vitamins are compared to the competition: Usana contacted the owner of one of the stores, Nutrimart, threatening to … Read more Great post on Usana at BloggingStocks

Fired museum president charged with fraud

John S. Carter, former president of the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia was charged this week with mail fraud and tax evasion. He is accused of stealing more than $1.5 million in improper vendor payments. He submitted invoices to the museum for items of personal use, including home imporvements, electronics, housewares, clothing, jewelry, and art. … Read more Fired museum president charged with fraud

Note to Patrick Byrne: I can’t keep up anymore

Overstock.com CEO Patrick Bryne engages is more bizarre stuff than I can keep up with. Seriously. The guy posts on the Investor Village message board for Overstock.com as “Hannibal.” His latest rant is critical of an article on Barrons.com. If you have a hard time following Patrick’s delusions, don’t worry. You’re not alone. The Barrons … Read more Note to Patrick Byrne: I can’t keep up anymore

Overstock antics and the company’s code of ethics

Gary Weiss has a great post at Seeking Alpha about Overstock.com, head clown Patrick Byrne, and the Overstock code of ethics. (What ethics?) Gary observes: Using “ethics” in the same sentence as the corporate chamber pot “Overstock.com” (OSTK) is inherently absurd, I know. But one of the pitfalls of post-Enron reforms — if you’re a … Read more Overstock antics and the company’s code of ethics

WTMJ backpedals on the Jessica McBride issue

620 WTMJ is now claiming that Jessica McBride was not fired because of the Eugene Kane piece or her “ideology”. They say they just “moved up” a decision they made a few weeks ago because of the controversy. This excuse is being sent to (apparently) anyone who emails John Schweitzer, station manager. Funny, but that’s … Read more WTMJ backpedals on the Jessica McBride issue